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Mcdowell, Stewa
A star athlete at his high school, Bobby Franklin faces graduation with anything but certainty. Should he choose ministry over his beloved baseball? Should he earn a college degree-or skip school and try to make it in baseball-or marry his girlfriend, Ashley? As a Christian, he wonders how he can kn... (more)
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Everybody knows who Jesus is. Do you really? This Bible study will open up new facets to explore. A SOLID FOUNDATION FOR SPIRITUAL GROWTH As the first book in the Studies in Christian Living Series of Bible studies, Knowing Jesus Christ offers help for establishing a program of personal study ... (more)
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Christopher Wright
Tracing the story of Jesus as it is told in the Old Testament, Christopher J.H. Wright introduces the Jesus of history who is also the fulfillment of God's design for his people.
More information on Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament
Christopher Wright
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Hannon, Fr. Pat