More information on Give Him No Rest
Hulse, Erroll
More information on Give Me This Mountain
Helen Roseveare
'Give Me This Mountain' is the British title of the autobiography of Dr. Helen Roseveare, graduate in medicine from University of Cambridge, in the late 1940's. A well-known missionary doctor and author, with several of her works still in print, she worked in the north-eastern province of the Belgia... (more)
More information on Give Praise to God
Old, Mohler, Clowney, Godfrey, Horton, and others write on the Bible and worship, elements of worship, preparing for worship, and worship, history and culture. "This book", Phil Ryken writes in the introduction, "is for everyone who loves to worship God." “The list of fine scholars who have cont... (more)
More information on Give Sorrow Words
Susan Walter
A journey through grief is never the same for any two people, yet there are experiences to be found within the grieving process which are reflected in each person's private journey. Written not as theory but as the fruit of the author's practical experience. A companion and comfort for any personal ... (more)
More information on Give Up and Get Free (Inner Beauty Series)
Lisa Bevere
Step into the stream of God's refreshing!Give God control, and experience the freedom and release you long for! Learn to cast aside the weight and put on godly virtue. Draw near and listen as He shares secrets, insights and intimate moments with you. Wade into God's river, and let His refreshing cur... (more)
More information on Give Up Worry Forever (inc Free CD)
Dr Rob Thompson
Simple strategies to bring peace and order to your life--Scripture encouragement CD included!
More information on Give Us Grace: An Anthology of Anglican Prayers
Christopher L.Webber
Anglican Christians are the heirs to a rich tradition. No other family of churches has been praying in English as long as the Anglicans, whose prayers have been dominated by the rhythm and beauty of the Book of Common Prayer. Anglicans blend what is best from the Celtic, Orthodox Christian, and Roma... (more)