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J. I. Packer
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J I Packer
A lifelong pursuit of knowing God should embody the Christian existence. According to eminent theologian J I Packer, however, Christians have become enchanted by modern scepticism and have joined the "gigantic conspiracy of misdirection" by failing to put first things first. Knowing God aims to redi... (more)
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J.I Packer
For thirty-five years, J. I. Packer's Knowing God has revealed to over a million Christians around the world the wonder, the glory and the joy of knowing God. Now, you can discover the riches of the character of God in a devotional format. The daily reading includes Scripture, a suggestion for actio... (more)
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Kathleen Richards / Clift Richards
Draw closer to the One who loves you passionately, knows you completely, and wants the best for you always. Reflecting your heavenly Father's desire to share an intimate relationship with you, this devotional guide introduces you to God in all his love and glory. Come and enter into fellowship with ... (more)
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Joyce Meyer
Are you as close to God as you want to be? Do you want to know how deep you can go in your relationship with him? In KNOWING GOD INTIMATELY, Joyce Meyer gives you the keys to having real intimacy wit Him every day, in every part of your life. He is waiting for you; the choice is yours to make/ Will ... (more)
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J John
Want to explore big questions with small children? In Knowing God, J. John distils profound theology through simple images and language Ideal for anyone wanting kid's books with depth Knowing God is a whole new kind of book for young children. Written by Cannon J. John, whose books have opened up... (more)
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J. I. Packer
In daily bite-sized chunks, J.I. Packer offers profound meditations designed to bring delight to the heart and strength to the spirit. Knowing God's Purpose for Your Life features the best of Packer's theological musings in a powerful and practical format. Each month covers a new topic and poi... (more)