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Lauren Winner
A moving memoir of a young woman’s journey from Orthodox Judaism to Christianity. What religion does the child of a Jewish father and a lapsed Southern Baptist mother have? Lauren Winner chose Orthodox Judaism. But as she observes Jewish rituals she finds herself drawn to Christianity. So, ta... (more)
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Lorna Eglin
This story is about Nosim, a young girl who is ordered to attend the missionary boarding school. The chief thinks that having a Maasai in the school will make them more important. Thus begins Nosim's double life where she juggles the world of school and Christianity with Maasai life. At first it app... (more)
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Jen Hatmaker
Nurture your relationships with other women in this Bible study that focuses on 5 levels of communication. 5 lessons with leaders guide.
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Carolyn Mahaney / Nicole Whitacre
Mother-daughter team Carolyn Mahaney and Nicole Whitacre wrote this book on the importance of passing on a language of biblical womanhood to a younger generation of women. Blending biblical wisdom with their own mother-daughter experiences, they discuss the responsibilities and roles that God expect... (more)
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Eleanor Watkins
A teenager shares her thoughts and feelings with God as she starts Confirmation classes. She chats to God about the things that bother all teenagers - friendship, parents, school, death, sex, eating disorders, change - and things that concern young Christians in particular -Jesus, church, prayer, fo... (more)
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Susie Shellenberger
Most Christian teens don't know how to pray. And when they do pray, they don't know how to discern God's voice. In Girl Talk With God, author Susie Shellenberger shows teens how to pray and challenges them to deepen specific areas in their lives through a series of conversations between God and a te... (more)
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Mary A. Kassian
Popular culture makes it easy to lose your bearings and no longer trust the internal compass that affirms the good, true, and noble charcteristics of godly women. Mary Kassian's compare-and-contrast character study of the Proverbs 7 woman will help you discern the differences between wild and wise a... (more)
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K Meier
A Girl's Guide to Life offers teen girls a new approach to facing their adolescent years. It's a totally fresh, totally complete resource on all the traumas and triumphs in teen girls' lives. The book is divided into Body, Mind, and Soul sections to address the relevant issues in each area of a youn... (more)