More information on Upper Room May - August 2010
The Upper Room is a unique publication which has a worldwide readership of some three million, with over 70 different editions in 40 languages. Unlike most Bible Reading Notes, the readings and reflections in The Upper Room are written exclusively by the readers themselves who seek to share the insi... (more)
More information on Upper Rooms Disciplines: Book of Daily Devotions
Fifty-three different writers contributed to this offering of daily Bible readings that develop the practice of spending deep devotional time with Scripture.
More information on Uprooting Anger: Biblical Help for a Common Problem
Robert D Jones
Offers biblical counsel to the average reader who recognizes that anger is a too prevalent problem in his life; helps him to change and grow.
More information on Upside Down
Rineheart, Stac
More information on Upside Down Church, The
Laurie, Greg
The Upside Down Church is a must-read for pastors and church lay leaders to help them grasp the principles of biblical church growth. Any church can revolutionize its community for Christ by following a biblical model for local church ministry. Readers will rediscover the first century church priori... (more)
More information on Upside Down: A Guidebook for Global Impact
Benny Perez
God is About to Turn Your World Upside Down!God is looking for Christians who are ready to impact the world. What will be written about you? Will your life make an impact on the course of history? Beware: it comes with a warning! Your choices, just like Adam's and Eve's always impact someone. You ca... (more)
More information on Upside Down: Living the Beatitudes in the 21st Century
David Pytches
This accessible book focuses on the stunning teaching of Jesus in the Beatitudes that some have called the ‘blessed attitudes’. To many they contrast paradoxically with the accommodating attitudes of the world surrounding us: - We thirst for more, more, more… Jesus wants to keep us poor in spirit... (more)
More information on Upside-Down Kingdom, The
Donald B. Kraybill
With over 60,000 copies sold and translated into six languages, this is a powerful introduction to the topsy-turvy kingdom of God. While the world values power, money, and prestige, Jesus says that one should lose one's life in order to find it. Based on a close reading of the Gospels and findings f... (more)
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