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Grant Jeffrey
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Zinn, Jay
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All-age Talks for Special Sundays contains eighteen fully worked-out all-age talks for Mothering Sunday, Christian Aid Week, Father's Day, Church Anniversary, Harvest, One World Week, All Saints' Day and Remembrance Day. Each talk is set out according to a basic frame­work: a suggested Bible passage... (more)
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Dr Samuel Levy
n one of the most brutal wars of the twenty-first century, millions of Syrians fled for a safer life elsewhere. Dr A was one of the few medical doctors that stayed. This is the story of a penniless boy, raised in poor family, whose only hope of pursuing his life’s dream of becoming a doctor, was to ... (more)
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Up, Up, Up and Away Holiday Club deals with issues of discipleship and faith. The book provides material for running a six-day holiday club for 5-11 year olds and also contains practical tips for organising and planning the event. The theme of the plane and 'taking off' with Jesus is carried thr... (more)