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Katy Hollway
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Katy Magdelene Price
In a bittersweet daydream moment, you know that the life you have is not the only one you could have had, and you wonder... Meet Katy - six years ago, she thought she had life all worked out. She was in her early 20s, had a home, a good job and a happy marriage, and thought that was it. As for Go... (more)
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Katz, Fred E
While preparing to spend the night in a museum exhibition of the treasures of King Tut, twelve-year-old Jessica and her friends become obsessed with mummies and stumble upon several strange incidents.
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Katz, Fred E.
Boone and Cali volunteered to help transform an old mining town into a summer camp for their church. But that was before they stumbled onto the secret underground tunnels, the ghost stories, and the legendary Madman of the Mine.
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Kay Arthur
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Kay Arthur
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Kay Arthur