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Francis Chan
The Church becomes more divided each day. Many seek reassurance or perceived unity by creating doctrinal statements, but that misses the point. Doctrine is necessary but it is not the solution. In his new book Until Unity, New York Times best-selling author, Francis Chan, shows readers that the real... (more)
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Until You Do (Live)' is latest worship album from St Aldates, Oxford (UK). The 13 tracks include modern church classics 'You Restore My Soul' and 'Gravity' alongside new and biblical anthems. The album captures a powerful night of worship in Oxford, and features worship leaders Tom Read, Lauren Harr... (more)
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David Edwin Harrell
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Francine Rivers
The first of a five-book series, "Unveiled" tells the story of Tamar, one of the unlikely women in the lineage of Jesus. Includes a Bible study and an ancestral chart of Jesus.
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Sjogren, Bob
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Hayes, Tom
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Ergun Mehmet Caner / Emir Fethi Caner
An insider's look at Muslim life and beliefs Islam is often obscured by a veil of unfamiliar beliefs, customs, and practices. We watch intriguing images of Islamic nations on our televisions. We hear words like Muslim and jihad defined in conflicting terms. What is Islam, truly, when you peek... (more)
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Liz Curtis Higgs
The veil has been lifted. Discover the Gospel truth about the most myth-understood woman of the New Testament. Was Mary Magdalene a prostitute? An adulteress? The wife of Jesus? An ancient goddess? Liz Curtis Higgs, best-selling author of Bad Girls of the Bible and Really Bad Girls of the Bible, ... (more)