More information on David Is Chosen As King: Gruffy And Saucy's Mini Books
Part of a great series of mini books;introduced by the Topz pets, Gruff the dog and Saucy the cat. Simple adaptations of favourite Bible stories illustrated in full-colour.
More information on David Livingstone (Chronicles of Faith)
Dan Larsen
This kid-friendly biography of the great Scottish missionary who took God s light to the Dark Continent of Africa is written especially for eight to twelve year olds and features action-packed illustrations on every other page. This digest-sized book makes an excellent resource for Sunday school cla... (more)
More information on David Livingstone: The Truth Behind The Legend
Mackenzie, Rob
Livingstone is perhaps the best-known missionary of them all. His attempts to find the source of the Nile and his famous meeting with Henry Morton Stanley have become the stuff of legend. The truth behind the legend, however, is even more compelling. Drawing extensively from Livingstone's persona... (more)
More information on David Livingstone: Who Is the Bravest?
Carine Mackenzie
The true story of David Livingstone and his astonishing journeys. What would you do if a lion chased you? Would you fight it? Thatís what David Livingstone did. He did many brave things. He didnít think twice about travelled to Africa to tell the people there about Jesus, even though it was a danger... (more)
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Andrew Bradstock
From his time as Captain of England's cricket team to his pioneering work as Bishop of Liverpool, David Sheppard led a remarkable life. Now his story is told in full for the first time in this fascinating and insightful biography. Batting for the Poor draws on the papers left by Sheppard in the Live... (more)
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More information on David Street's Christmas Diary
Martin Saunders
David Street hates Christmas. His wife left him on Christmas day three years ago, he despises the commercialism, and his thirteen-year-old daughter spends the whole year talking about it. People say that Christmas is a happy time, but for David Street itís an annual voyage into the depths of hell.... (more)
More information on David the Fugitive: True Friendship
Carine MacKenzie
To be a true friend you need to put others before yourself. David and Jonathan were true friends. But David learned throughout his life that there was one friend who was always faithful, always trustworthy Ė the LORD God. Find out how God shows his faithfulness to David as he escapes his enemies. ... (more)
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Elrose Hunter / Eira Reeves
Containing a wide variety of puzzles this new fun material will encourage young children to engage with Bible stories. Children aged 6-8 will love learning about David's adventures as they have fun with the many different types of puzzles including code-cracking, unscrambling words, dot-to-dot, s... (more)
More information on David the King: True Repentance
Carine MacKenzie
To have true repentance you must be truly sorry for your sins. You will turn away from them and turn to God. God is the only one who can forgive sins. David found this out when Nathan the Prophet spoke to him. Find out how God forgives David for his sinful action and how we need Godís forgiveness to... (more)