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Katie Davis Majors
Picking up where she left off in the best-selling book Kisses from Katie, Katie Davis Majors shares her ongoing experiences in Uganda as the adoptive mother to thirteen girls and describes how she's wrestled through the darkness of disappointment to find the answer to whether God truly is good. New ... (more)
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Katie Meier
Church is church, right? Well, not so much, as any Baptist teen will find when visiting a friend's Episcopal church, or any Lutheran visitor to a Pentecostal service will discover. So what's the difference? Why are there any differences at all? Though churches are as individual as the members they s... (more)
More information on Promise of Blessing The
Katie Patterson
Katie invites us to join her in exploring the blessing from the book of Numbers, phrase by shining phrase, and in discovering the fullness of God's blessing in whatever situation we find ourselves.
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More information on Intercessions for Young People: Themed Prayers Indexed Common Worship
Katie Thompson
Young people need to be nurtured and guided as we help them to understand the difference between simply saying prayers and praying and Katie Thompson, best-selling author of several valuable resources for young people including Common Worship Step by Step and Common Worship Footprints in Faith, has ... (more)
More information on Liturgy of the Word with Children - A Complete three year programme
Katie Thompson
The Liturgy of the Word with Children is a child-centred programme, which faithfully follows the Lectionary. You will find a complete but flexible scheme for celebrating the Liturgy of the Word for every Sunday and major feast of the three-year cycle. This entirely new book, like its immensely popu... (more)
Katrina Cassell
This One Year devotional features women of the Bible and how their stories apply to tween girls today. Some women are discussed for an entire week, while others have one day devoted to them. In 365 days, girls will know more about the women in the Bible who faced the same troubles and issues girls t... (more)
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Katrina Wilson
Many people do not take their dreams seriously. But what if dreams mean something? What if they are important? What if God is speaking to people while they sleep? In Dream Talk, Katrina Wilson explains that God speaks to us in the quiet of the night, when we are more open to His voice. While we ... (more)
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katy Hollway
Eliora lives between worlds. Disowned by one and mistrusted by the other; she has no identity. Finding solace in conflicting friendships will will shape her future beyond recognition.
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Katy Hollway
What if you have been selected to win the compassion prize, would you enter? Read on.....
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