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Ali Hull
A collection of teaching from 2007 Convention that will challenge and inspire - Bible ministry for today's world. What do we mean when we live in 'the outrageous grace of God' and what does it require of us? 'Unshackled - living in the outrageous grace' is the theme of this collection from Keswick ... (more)
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Joyce Williams
When your world is rocked by tragedy, do you ask, "Where is God in all this?" Beth Moore, Patsy Clairmont, Vonette Bright, and other well-known Christian women have. Their poignant prose and poetry will open your eyes to your heavenly Father's presence---and encourage you to rely on his grace no mat... (more)
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Jen Baker
In her most transparent book to date, Jen shares her journey from debilitating fear to unshakeable confidence. Through her own vulnerability, Jen encourages the reader to examine confidence in line with a kingdom perspective. Unshakeable Confidence is separated into four sections: foundational keys,... (more)
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The GEARED FOR GROWTH Bible study notes from Christian Focus are ideal for groups and individuals. Each subject is introduced and then broken down into questions, with points for reflection and prayer. Daily questions are also provided for meditation throughout the week.
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Max Lucado
Is what you’re anchored to stronger than what you’re going through? The answer to that question changes everything. In Unshakable Hope, pastor and New York Times bestselling author Max Lucado offers encouraging, practical guidance for overcoming difficult circumstances and gaining inner peace, b... (more)
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Francine Rivers
A beautiful retelling of the story of Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz by award-winning author Francine Rivers. Readers will be encouraged by the truth that God will faithfully provide for His children even when all hope seems lost.
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F Rivers (Author) / A Lustrea (Reader)
Your God will be my God. It is with these words that Ruth the Moabitess turns her face away from her father’s home and idols, and journeys to Bethlehem with Naomi, her mother-in-law. And it is because of that determination, faith and loyalty that Ruth becomes the great-grandmother of ... (more)
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Van Diest, John
More information on Unsolved Miracles
Van Diest, John