More information on Family Jesus Time
Lucy Moore
Love God... Love your neighbour... Love yourself. The gospel is good news for messy people, young and old, and this resource is designed for those who are ready to make it their own. Written in an interactive, user-friendly and jargon-free style, it helps individuals and families alike to take the n... (more)
More information on Family Life Bible Study for Couples- Equipping couples for life
D & B Rainey
Create a blessed life together with this 7-week Bible study for couples! Addressing the big issues couples face - resolving conflict, communicating effectively, raising godly children, rekindling romance, and loving difficult family members - Barbara and Dennis Rainey offer reflections, discussion q... (more)
More information on Family Man: The Biography of Dr James Dobson
Dale Buss
A former Wall Street Journal reporter offers the first-ever complete biography of one of America's most influential men. In Family Man, author Dale Buss (nominated for a Pulitzer Prize) presents the life and times of Dr. James Dobson, his many achievements, challenges, and his role in evangelicalism... (more)
More information on Family Prayers: Prayers for Younger Children and their Parents
Rosemary Atkins / Peter Atkins
This selection of prayers for younger children and their parents can be used on a wide variety of occasions. Individually, they reflect the simple, honesty and open approach so often adopted by children in prayer. As a powerful collection, they build a strong foundation for regular family prayer tim... (more)
More information on Family Religion
Matthew Henry
You are a Christian – but how do you look after your family? Matthew Henry is one of the best known of our spiritual ancestors. His Commentary on the whole Bible is still a staple book for those seeking understanding of God’s word to the world. Henry recognised that the future of the church was i... (more)