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Owens, Virginia
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Kay Marshall Strom / Michele Rickett
Throughout the world today Christians continue to face intense persecution, and Christian women are often the most vulnerable. In Pakistan, Christian girls are systematically kidnapped, tortured and raped. In China, underground church leaders are sent to labor camps for hosting illegal home meetings... (more)
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Wanda E Brunsetter
The riveting story of a kidnapped Amish child is told through three bestselling novels set in Lancaster, Pennsylvania's Amish country. From the beginning, Naomi Fisher blames herself for the family's tragedy and journeys away from home to find a purpose for living. Abby Miller leaves her successful ... (more)
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Alexa Tewkesbury
Part of the Topz Secret Diaries series. Dave's world is falling apart around him. His friendship with Benny has hit an all-time low, and now Dave's family is moving to Devon. Normally the sensible one in the Gang, who helps the others sort out their problems, it's now Dave who needs help. ... (more)
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Ken Ham / Dr Henry M Morris
More information on David - After God's Heart: Spring Harvest Bible Studies
Mcquoid, E / Coffey, I
The Bible says more about David than any other individual except Jesus. This interactive workbook explores the life of David, and shows what it means to be a man or woman after God’s own heart.
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For children ages 5 to 12, this new entertaining series helps youngsters become more familiar with the Bible story of David, but in a fun, graphic novel format. The colorful cartoon illustrations feature bright colors which effectively communicate the true meaning of the story.
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This latest addition to The Bible Series is an action-packed retelling of the life of David. From his humble beginnings as a shepherd boy, through his famous victory over Goliath to his 40 year reign as king, the triumphs and tragedies are all brilliantly re-created. The star-studded cast includes N... (more)