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Terri Whitaker
This is the story of Gods miraculous work through one indigenous missionary and his ministry in eastern India. It begins as the story of Yesupadam, whose name means Jesus Foot, a starving Untouchable boy embittered by his caste and poverty. He turns to communism, atheism, gambling, alcohol and gang ... (more)
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Terry Barnes
Growing up in a small Midwestern town in the 60s, Matt wants nothing more than to run cross-country, hang out with his friends, and act cool. When Matt's father dies unexpectedly in a tragic car accident, his world is turned upside-down. Bitter over the loss of his father, Matt wants everyone to lea... (more)
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Terry Brown
Meet Amber. Mysterious, threatening emails end up in Amber's inbox on the girls' Web site. But only the TodaysGirls know about their new site! Suddenly, the stranger logs on during a routine nightly chat session. Who could this sixth person be? Amber's integrity-and her spot on the swim team-is c... (more)
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Terry Brown
Meet Jamie. Budding artist Jamie has trouble scrapping up enough money for art camp, so she tries to create a quick portrait for an online art contest. But between long hours working at the teen hangout (the Gnosh Pit) and self-inflicted stress over the contest deadline, Jamie's creativity wanes.... (more)
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Terry Burns
Amos is a rogue with few redeeming values. The first we see of him in the book he is robbing a stagecoach then going into the next town to hide in the persona of a circuit riding preacher. The blind, black man that works in the jail, Joseph, is not fooled, but he sees that the outlaw is doing a lot ... (more)
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Terry Caffey
As I sat there gasping for breath, I turned my attention to my house. Even through the thick woods, I could still see the glow of the fire. As I watched the sparks and smoke soaring over the trees toward heaven, a wave of despair washed over me. My throat thickened, and tears filled my eyes, blurrin... (more)
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Terry Fowler
Contemporary Romance: Unlikely romances unfold in North Carolina. Deidra Pierce seems to have it all-until Eli McKay and his infant daughter enter her life. Can Diedra trust her heart's leading? Liza Stephens couldn't be more delighted to be rescued by a truly nice guy-until she discovers his real i... (more)
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Terry Hinks
Through raw and authentic prayers, based on the gospel stories, Terry Hinks leads readers into the heart of the gospels the more clearly to see the needs and joys of today's world. This highly original book helps readers to pray out of, and with, the words of Jesus and to discover the joy of prayer ... (more)
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