More information on Get Real: Making Core Christian Beliefs Relevant to Teenagers
Mike Nappa / Amy Nappa / Michael D Warden
Here are 24 Bible truths that youth workers say Christian teenagers "must" know to survive in an unbelieving world.
More information on Get the Word Out: How God Shapes and Sends His Witnesses
John Teter
Whether you love evangelism or fear it, this book is for you. John Teter offers stories from his experiences leading seeker Bible studies and witnessing to people around him that reveal how our witness is backed up by God himself, who follows through on the work he prompts us to begin. Even now God ... (more)
More information on Get Up Off Your Knees - Preaching the U2 Catalogue
Raewynne J Whiteley / Beth Maynard
A thoughtful and provocative collection of sermons by a group of preachers from across the international church spectrum who have been moved to theological reflection on the art and work of U2.
More information on Get Your Hopes Up!
Joyce Meyer
One of the most powerful forces in the universe is hope--the happy and confident anticipation that something good is going to happen. Regardless of where one is in life, it is impossible to live successfully and to the fullest without hope.
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John Eldredge
We live in soul-scorching times. The 24-7 onslaught of contemporary life--with its never-ending feed of global tragedies and shrieking demands for our attention, to say nothing of the ordinary pressures of work, family, friends, and community--has left us ragged, wrung-out, and emptied. But if we al... (more)
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Bangley, Bernar
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Senior Teen Cou
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Moorehead, Bob
More information on Getting Beyond The Small Talk : Step-By-Step Approach To
Robinson, Bill
For Christians who want to talk about more than just the weather. 110 pages.
More information on Getting Closer To God
Erwin Lutzer