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From the best-selling author of The Beginner's Bible come these three fun tales from the friends of Tails Town. Full of a delightful cast of animal characters, including Owlfred the owl, Chester the fun-loving squirrel, Twigs the hedgehog, and Tennyson the poet turtle, each book tells a story that t... (more)
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Howard Books
What does the Bible have to say to you today? Take a closer look. Once upon a time - in the twenty-first century, to be exact - a daring group of teenagers like you became serious about seeking the Truth and living it. Some had been taught the Bible since they were young, and others had never b... (more)
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Howard Books
Take a closer look at the Bible you thought you knew Have you noticed that the more you look at something, the less you see it? The same thing can happen with Scripture. You've seen a story or a passage so many times that you overlook its significance: "Our Father, who art in heaven..." "The Lord... (more)
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Howard Books
It's the Bible like you've never seen it - it's your life like you've never lived it. The Bible. You may have grown up reading its pages, memorizing its stories, considering its claims. Now you can take a closer look at those familiar passages in this uncommon series: Take a Closer Look, Take a C... (more)
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Darrell Wiskur
PRESCHOOL AGES • Simple board books with a creation-based message • A child’s first science book • Breathtaking art will delight children • Encourages children to develop their imaginations in a learning setting This Undersea Journey -board book features a built-in mirror for children to see themsel... (more)
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Eugene Peterson
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Helen Franklin
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Jim Cromarty
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Steve Arterburn
We've all known someone who just can't seem to break free of a cycle of self-defeating and destructive behavior based on personal appetites that are out of control. Or perhaps we've suffered the consequences, big or small, of addictive behavior in our own lives. Stephen Arterburn offers insight and ... (more)