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Chandra Peele
Radiant, the follow-up to Priceless by the same author, Chandra Peele, is a six-week interactive Bible study written to help teen girls understand how to radiate unparalleled beauty as found only in Jesus. This fun study teaches that a girl's best self is found in her relationship with Jesus. The st... (more)
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David Platt
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Judy Cannato
Twentieth century science completely revolutionized human understanding of the world, rewriting the story of the universe with exciting discoveries and theories. Radical Amazement unifies the worlds of science and religion, weaving profound spiritual lessons from our new knowledge. Through thoughtfu... (more)
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Nigel Wright
he gospel we profess is the most radical power on earth, reaching to the depths of our personal, social, and political existence. It needs a radical people to embody and proclaim it. This book examines the nature of evangelical theology, dealing with areas of persistent disagreement and controversy,... (more)
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Richard Rohr
Radical Grace is a gospel call to conversion. Richard invites us to be faithful, to turn to God, to reform our hearts and minds. Now in paperback, this collection of 408 meditations spans two decades and combines reflections from Richard's popular audio recordings and published and unpublished writi... (more)
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Joseph Stowell
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Jonathan Sacks
The Jewish People in its very being constitutes a living protest against a world of hatred, violence and war. Radical Then, Radical Now is a powerful testimony to the amazing resilience of the Jewish people who have, through their endurance of four thousand years of persecution and exile, earned a u... (more)
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Barry Hart
More information on Ragamuffin Gospel: Embracing the Unconditional Love of God
Brennan Manning
'This is a zestful and accurate portrayal that tells us unmistakably that the gospel is good, dazzlingly good.' Eugene Peterson As Christians today, we often focus on spiritual achievement, beating ourselves up when we don't perform the way we think we should. We believe in God's grace - in theory.... (more)