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Stephen James
Join Kadin on his journey to Celestia in this creative reimagining of John Bunyan's Christian classic, The Pilgrim's Progress. Kadin's faith is challenged and strengthened as he seeks to rid himself of the growth on his neck and make his way to Celestia. Steven James uses his master storytelling abi... (more)
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John Macarthur
You're a real jewel. It's the truth! You're a holy treasure buried in the wilderness of this world and John MacArthur wants to take you on an excursion to unearth your heaven-sent value. That's where "The Quest for Character begins.>" In an easy, conversational style, MacArthur focuses on dozens... (more)
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C D Baker
The Children's Crusade was one of Chriatianity's darkest hours - 50,000 impressionable children were led to believe that they alone were the key to Jerusalem's liberation. Upon this tragic backdrop, C. D. Baker tells the gripping story of Heinrich, a father of two young sons who have joined the Crus... (more)
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This book aims to lay down some clear biblical principles on the issue of homosexuality. It comes in a ready reference question and answer format. The manuscript was based on lectures given by Dr Grazioli at Waverley Abbey House. Dr Grazioli is a GP and sex therapist with degrees in both medicin... (more)
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Philip Yancey
What is God up to in a World of such tragedy and pain? Plus other answers to life#s questions.
£9.99  £8.99
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Randy Newman
A much-needed look at sharing Christ with unbelievers, based not on the techniques of guerrilla hard-sell tactics, but on engaging questions and caring interaction. Filled with humor and stories, this book provides a challenging yet encouraging look at evangelism in our world today. This volume argu... (more)
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Marsh, Clive
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Spiritual leaders such as C.M. Ward, G. Raymond Carlson, and George O. Wood provide valuable teaching on the Holy Spiritís role throughout history, the instruction regarding Him in Godís Word, and His life-changing work in the Christianís life.