More information on Jack and the Wardrobe
Nicola Jemphrey
How do you cope with a dad who drinks too much and a mum who has run off and not told you where she is? Not very well, is the answer for Jack. But that all changes when he walks straight into a wardrobe in the middle of the street. Jack starts to find out about the ‘owner’ of the wardrobe, C S Lewis... (more)
More information on Jacking in to The Matrix Trilogy
Matthew Kapell
Few media franchises can match The Matrix for enthusiasm of reception and subsequent proliferation. Who in 1999 could have imagined that the momentum of a single film would sustain two more major theatrical releases in a single year, a collection of nine anime cartoons, a best-selling computer game,... (more)
More information on Jack's Life
Douglas Gresham
Written by his stepson, this book tells the life story of C.S. Lewis – ‘the finest man and best Christian’ he had ever known. This is a tender biography and like the child he was when they first met, with wide eyes and open heart, Douglas Gresham writes of the man who endured his own childhood dr... (more)
More information on Jacob and Egypt (MacArthur Old Testament Study Guides)
John MacArthur
Best-selling author John MacArthur provides a twelve-week, in-depth, unique look at the Old Testament. Each of the twelve study guides examines the Old Testament in a new light: from historical, character, and thematic angles. Each study is divided into four sections: one lesson sets the stage; five... (more)
More information on Jacob I Have Loved: The Power of God to Transform a Human Life
Lance Lambert
When God deals with us it is often in deeply mystifying ways. There is no greater example of how God shapes a person than through the remarkable story of Jacob. This book is far more than a mere biblical overview of the story of Jacob. It is an illustration of God's desire to utterly transform our ... (more)
More information on Jacob's Promise
Celia Banks
Follow Jacob as he shepherds the coolest, most colorful group of sheep and goats and learns that God's promises of blessings are for him. He learns that no matter what happens in the natural, God blesses those who are faithful and trust Him. God's promises are for us and always come true. Children l... (more)