More information on A Bigger Life
Annette Smith
When a careless choice shatters Joel Carpenter's marriage, he struggles to rebuild his life---and his relationship with his young son. Living in a small Texas town seven years later, he finally believes he's turned a corner. But suddenly his estranged ex-wife, Kari, receives tragic news. Can they ov... (more)
More information on A Birthday Wish For You
Chris Shea
Every second, several thousand people somewhere in the world are celebrating a birthday. What better way to celebrate that special day than with this charming little gift book. Chris Shea fans and newcomers alike will be pleased to add this treasure to their gift list on that wonderful holiday calle... (more)
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Mark Williamson
More information on A Book of Blessings
Nick Aiken / Alan Elkins
Features a broad source of blessings to draw worship to a close. This book includes a section of biblical exhortations, ascriptions and doxologies. It looks at the theology and nature of a 'blessing', and offers advice and guidance on how to write a blessing.
More information on A Book Of Blessings: And How To Write Your Own
Burgess, Ruth
A collection of blessings for the people, sadnesses, artefacts, special occasions and journeys of our lives. It also explores the tradition of blessings including biblical and Celtic, and offers ideas and resources to encourage readers to write blessings of their own with suggestions for how to or... (more)
More information on A Book of Prayers
Piper, Sophie / Mitchell, Ian
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More information on A Box of Delights: A-Z Funniest, Wisest & Most Poignant Stories
Mark Stibbe / J John
An A-Z of the funniest, wisest and most poignant stories, proverbs, jokes and one-liners. A resource book with cartoon illustrations and more! Intended originally for use by preachers, this superb collection proved so much fun that it is presented here for a wider audience. Although much is humor... (more)
More information on A Boy of Two Worlds
Eglin, Lorna
Maasai boys love to practice throwing spears, and jumping. One day they will be strong men and leaders of their tribe. Lemayan is excellent with the goats and his father is proud of his capable son. One dreadful day all that changes and the tribe's way of life hangs in the balance; the drought at... (more)