More information on Prayer: The Cry For The Kingdom - Revised Edition
S Grenz
Foreword by Eugene H. Peterson. Bringing our needs and desires to God has always stood at the heart of Christian prayer. But why is petitioning God so important? In Prayer: The Cry for the Kingdom noted theologian Stanley Grenz points to petitionary prayer as a crucial way for us to be involved wit... (more)
More information on Because We Love Them: Fostering A Christian Sexuality In Our Children
S Havlik
An often difficult subject for parents is their children's understanding of sexuality - parents want to keep kids pure and innocent for as long as they can. It's hard to know how to talk about sexuality with them when the time comes, especially from a Christian point of view. Parents are often unsur... (more)
More information on Burning Desire: The Story of God's Jealous Love for You
S J Hill
Have you ever been confused by the seeming disconnect between the vengeful God of the Old Testament and the gracious, loving Lord of the New Testament? Do you struggle to reconcile God's fiery wrath with His boundless love? If so, you're not alone. Burning Desire takes you deeper into the languag... (more)
More information on Art of Discernment: Making Good Decisions in your World of Choice
S Kiechle
Anxiety, uncertainty, vulnerability-anyone who has made a big decision knows these feelings. And as the complexity of our decisions grows, we constantly seek guidance in dealing with life's endless possibilities. In The Art of Discernment, author Stefan Kiechle offers a clear explanation of the d... (more)
More information on God is Building a House
S M Alison
Written in the form of a personal testimony, this is a book about aspects of God's work in the UK, particularly through the story of Prison Fellowship. It is a call to prayer, a call to Christians to get to know their Lord in a more personal way and to co-operate with him in the world.
More information on The Imitation of Christ: Inspirational Teachings Thomas a Kempis
S MacKenna (trans)
This is the saintly Thomas a Kempis' classic guide to spiritual and religious life. It has been loved and revered by devout Christians, throughout the ages. Transcending all sectarian divisions, it emphasizes the importance of the inward journey. It is translated by Stephen MacKenna, the famed trans... (more)