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Kathryn Greene
Where is God in the suffering of a mentally ill person? What happens to the soul when the mind is ill? How are Christians to respond in the face of mental illness? In Darkness Is My Only Companion, Kathryn Greene-McCreight confronts these difficult questions raised by her own mental illness--bi-pola... (more)
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Gwynneth Sunshine
Darkness to Destiny Previous Next Darkness to Destiny Gwynneth Sunshine £2.99–£9.99In Stock The true story of how Gwynneth Sunshine set out to reach the marginalized and drug addicts – then found herself trapped in the very same world.
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Jim Cotter
This rich resource of ready to use liturgies and reflections for the richest seasons of the Christian year sold out within a year. Its timeless qualities found a ready and eager readership among all looking for fresh inspiration for these annual celebrations. This new edition includes extra seasonal... (more)
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Darrell Waltrip / Jay Carty
One of NASCAR's most controversial and exciting figures has opened up the pages of his life for readers everywhere! Darrell Waltrip One-on-One describes a life of simple faith in a turbulent circle of fame, controversy and fan mania. The natural storytelling abilities of both Darrell Waltrip and Jay... (more)
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Phillip E Johnson
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R J Berry (ed) / T A Noble (ed)
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Hunter, Corneli
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