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Get expert counsel from Selwyn Hughes in a compact, easily portable Bible Quickly access appropriate Scripture passages and the insights of Selwyn Hughes, for whatever difficulties you encounter, and easily apply them to personal needs along with his suggested prayers. This attractive, comp... (more)
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Jane Benge / Geoff Benge
Endowed with rare determination and a wry sense of humor, C.T. Studd unceasingly pursued a life devoted to God. A star English cricket player in his youth, C.T. did nothing halfway. When challenged by near tragedy and the words of an atheist, the wealthy young man became a missionary of extreme devo... (more)
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John Ankerberg
More information on Cultural Anthropology, 2D Ed.
Hiebert, Paul G
"Outstanding. The presentation of problems related to cross-cultural understandings, adjustments, and communications is clear, practical, and profound."--Paul B. Long, Reformed Theological Seminary This introduction to the field of cultural anthropology from a Christian perspective exposes studen... (more)
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Bailey, John
More information on Culturally Incorrect: How Clashing Worldviews Affect Your Future
Parsley exposes the failure of the current generation of believers to engage the culture, present a relevant gospel, and lead/influence through service - and paints a vivid picture of the cost and implications of that failure. Parsley explains how the culture wars have entered a new, critical phas... (more)