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Robert L. Wise
What the Dying Can Teach the Living. If we learn to listen and observe carefully, the dying can teach us important things. From standing at the bedside of the dying, Dr. Robert Wise came to realize there were important patterns and steps that the dying were trying to describe. And, yet, many miss th... (more)
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John Ward / Jeff Pries
Crossing features five stand-alone episodes based on stories from the book of Joshua. Each story illustrates a situation that could either be controlled by fear and insecurity, or where God can reach out and help His people cross to a better place. Includes five ten-minute episodes and a 112-page... (more)
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A Fantastic gift Stone Framed Plaque with words of inspiration on.
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Phillips; Pella
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Sigmund Brouwer
Nick Barrett is in Charleston, awaiting news of his inheritance, when he agrees to investigate the ownership of a famous painting. He finds himself reluctantly drawn into the lives of a spunky, streetwise 11-year old girl and a woman who is trying to rescue her sick child from the ruthless leader of... (more)