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Sylvia Bambola
Gloria Bickford was happily settled in Appleton when a phone call from her friend and former employer, Harry Griswald, calls her back to Eckerd City. Someone claims to have information about the land development endeavors at the Lakes and she is anxious to investigate further. Meanwhile, Gloria's mo... (more)
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Sylvia Burnside & New Irish Choir & Orchestra
Sylvia Burnside grew up near Glasgow, but now lives with her family in the County Antrim countryside in Northern Ireland. She is best known for her regular work as a soloist with the New Irish Choir and Orchestra, with whom she has featured on BBC Songs of Praise and in concert venues across Ireland... (more)
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Sylvia Green
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Symonds, Paul &
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Symonds; Abdy
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Sze-Kar Wan
Focuses on the apostle Paul's refusal to match strength for strength with his detractors, and that authentic Christian ministry is characterized by weakness and suffering as modeled by Jesus.