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Steve Chalke
More information on Faithworks 2: Stories of Hope
Steve Chalke
The second book in the Faithworks campaign shares some of the stories of people who have taken up the challenge of meeting the needs of their local community. Each chapter tells of a different welfare initiative - e.g. debt counselling, parenting skills- and talks about the struggles and successes o... (more)
More information on Faithworks Unpacked 3: A Manual to Equip Churches for Community
Steve Chalke
This comprehensive manual is a unique resource for churches who want to make a difference in their community.This book gives invaluable guidance on getting your church involved, researching your community, developing your strategy and implementing your project. It includes plenty of useful advice on... (more)
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Wendy Alec
In the beginning… Three brothers – Gabriel, Michael and Lucifer. Royalty. Archangels. United in devotion to their father and all his works. But when Lucifer learns of their father’s latest creation – a new race, fashioned from crude matter and yet made in his image – he is consumed with resentment. ... (more)
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Travis Trasher
Consuming story of one man's dramatic path to redemption. Plagued by memories of the bizarre accident that killed his father, Morris Jackson often wonders if he's to blame. When he begins to dream of the idyllic Garden of Eden, he finds himself developing constant disdain for the harsh reality of hi... (more)
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Matthew Raley
It could have been nothing. Jim was finishing the day’s work when his eyes drifted over to the coffee shop visible from his office window. An attractive woman driving an expensive car pulled up to the curb . . . and out stepped Dave, Jim’s young, married pastor. It could have been nothing. Still . .... (more)
More information on Falling Back on God: A Lent Group Study on Trust
Joel Edwards
Tackles the importance of trust in Christian life. Using extracts from the Psalms, Falling Back on God has five weekly sessions: When foundations give way; Falling backwards to God; Confidence on a cross; Hope to trust; Trustees of the kingdom. Although aimed primarily at helping small groups to foc... (more)