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St John of the Cross
In THE DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL, St John , a Spanish mystic and poet, describes the spiritual road to a union of love with God. On this road the soul must enter the Dark Night to be stripped of its imperfections, including the famous 'seven deadly sins', a process that often takes a number of years. S... (more)
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Jones, Rebecca
"By the time she got to the doors, they were already clanging shut and her call for help turned into more of a squeak. Her mind went into a daze, She had never dealt with a problem like this one. Nicky's frightened voice called her into action." When Fanny is left to look after her family for a d... (more)
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Geoff Robson
Was the nineteenth-century working class as irreligious as the 1851 census of religious worship appeared to show? Or were there some industrial areas where large numbers of them actually went to church? This book sets out to answer these questions on the basis of an analysis of original sources.
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Kel Richards
Nick Hamilton is an Australian journalist assigned to accompany an archaeology expedition to Cavendish Island—a long-deserted prison off of the east coast of Australia. But Nick has no idea what he's in for. The island has a long history of Satanism, and a group of Satanists have joined the explo... (more)
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Linda Hall
P.I. Jake Rikker has been retained to find a stalker. A challenge that could help redeem his life–if he doesn’t lose it first. A private investigator, kayak adventurer, and whale watching tour guide who specializes in salvage operations based out of an old, purple church, Jake Rikker is caught... (more)
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Seddon, Philip
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Charles Swindoll
In a groundbreaking look at Christ's "agony and ecstasy", Dr. Swindoll uncovers the meaning of the resurrection. From the poignant interactions of The Last Supper through the despairing events of Gethsemane and the seven last words of Jesus on the cross, this volume challenges readers with a new per... (more)