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Temple; Twitche
People Who Shaped the Church examines in detail the lives of Christians who profoundly shaped the church of the twentieth century. Accounts of faith and faithfulness in adversity demonstrate the sovereignty of God. From Brother Andrew to Mother Theresa, from Billy Sunday to Bill Hybels, readers will... (more)
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Templeton, John
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Templeton, John
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Tenney, Merrill
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Tenth Avenue North
With these new songs Tenth Avenue North encourages us to get off our self made islands of isolation, to break the chains that have kept us there, and find communion with God and each other.
£12.99  £11.99
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Terence Copley
Describes Simon Wiesenthal's early life in Eastern Europe, how he survived the Holocaust, and then devoted the rest of his life to tracking down Nazi war criminals bringing them to justice.