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Sinkinson, Chri
John Hick has been one of the most prominent, controversial and respected theologians to argue against the orthodox Christian position, this book takes up this stance by conducting an extensive analysis of Hick's thought from its earliest inception to its most recent expression.
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Andrew King
Is university a good thing for young Christians? Is it a great maturing process, a time of spiritual growth and evangelism? Or is it a time of overwhelming worldly influence, compromise and drifting away from God? Well, it should and can be the former: a good time to grow spiritually and serve God w... (more)
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McManus Erwin Raphael
The Barbarian Way gives a call to escape a tame Christianity and become original, powerful, untamed Christians-just as Christ intended. Author Erwin McManus wasn't raised in a Christian home, so when he came to Christ as a college student, he didn't know the rules of the "religious club." He didn... (more)
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Gavin & Anne Calver
The early church spread with remarkable speed, impelled by joy, urgency, profound compassion, and the day-to-day experience of working in the power of the Holy Spirit. Despite opposition at all levels, the first Christians expressed their love and wonder in acts of kindness, worship, and their eager... (more)
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David Yonggi Cho
Cho has once again created a gem: a short, simple, transformational lesson that unleashes the limitless power in possibilities. As he explains, when your spirit, which belongs to the unseeable realm, confidently proclaims, “It can be done,” you are filled with inspiration, revelation and wisdom to f... (more)
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Various Artists
‘Unlimited Live Worship from Spring Harvest 2019’ reflects the energetic and authentic worship from all three Spring Harvest locations (Minehead, Skegness and Harrogate) with lead worshippers Andy Smith, Elim Sound, Kees Kraayenoord and Lou Fellingham. Includes ‘Raise A Hallelujah’, ‘Living Hope’, ‘... (more)
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Richard Blackaby
People have their limits. Some choose to ignore them. God’s power and love have no limits. So why do Christians put limits on their relationship with Him? We could be pursuing greater knowledge, experiencing deeper intimacy, and abiding in freer joy… and yet we routinely settle for mediocrity in ... (more)
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David Pawson
A unique overview of both the Old and New Testaments, from a widely respected evangelical speaker and writer. Unlocking the Bible opens up the word of God in a fresh and powerful way. Avoiding the small detail of verse by verse studies, it sets out the epic story of God and his people in Israel. The... (more)