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Johnsen; Yorkey
From the actions and attitudes of parents whose children follow the Lord, others can learn how to instill Christian values in their children.
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David Fitch
In our quest to renew the church, Christians have walked through seeker-friendly, emergent, missional, and other movements to develop new expressions of the body of Christ. Now in the post-Christian world in North America we're asking the question again: Is there a way to be the church that engages ... (more)
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Natasha Crain
Welcome to Your Place in a Worldview Minority In an increasingly secular society, your biblical worldview now places you in a shrinking minority at odds with the dominant culture. Your desire to be faithful to God’s Word will be met with increasing pressures on what you believe, how you think, and h... (more)
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More information on Faithfulness And Holiness
J I Packer
As eldest son and heir to a fortune, J. C. Ryle had a hopeful future until the day his father declared bankruptcy. In a single moment, he was stripped of everything--land, title, wealth, security--and life as he knew it no longer existed. Ryle was devastated. And yet, had this not happened, Ryle ... (more)
More information on Faith's Reasons for Believing
Robert Reymond
Using extensive Biblical references, Reymond takes us on a comprehensive tour of why it is possible for belief to exist as a result of knowledge in the Christian faith. He gives us both reasons for believing in key aspects of the Christian faith and a defence of the presuppositional apologetic metho... (more)
More information on Faith's Wisdom for Daily Living
Herbert Anderson / B. Miller-McLemore
It can be difficult for individuals and faith communities to see how faith's wisdom can be a resource for the complex moral and religious questions of our time. Faith's Wisdom for Daily Living takes up the challenge of moving between doctrine and everyday life. With thoughtfulness and clarity, A... (more)
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Bierle, Don