More information on Wojtyla's Women: How Women, History and Polish Traditions Shaped the L
Ted Lipien
John Paul II, the most charismatic and influential Pope in centuries, reshaped many facets of Catholic thought. Yet Church policy on women during his papacy remained deeply resistant to popular ideas on gender roles. This book explores John Paul II's views on women, marriage, family and sexual ethic... (more)
More information on Loaves, Fishes, And Leftovers
Ted Loder
The questions pondered in this book reflect the deep faith concerns many people experience yet find muffled by the rituals of worship, the professional roles of clergy, or the presumptions of the church. This book grew from a group discussion about questions such as:Why is there evil in the world? ... (more)
More information on Pure Desire
Ted Roberts
When someone struggling with sexual sin or addiction comes to you, what do you do? What do you say? How can you help them? More and more people—including Christian leaders—are fighting for their spiritual lives. Now you can counterattack the enemy’s assault with this effective battle plan and strate... (more)
More information on Shepherding a Child's Heart
Tedd Tripp
More information on Hints for Parents
Tedd Tripp
'Hints for Parents' is full of practical insights on childrearing. Gardiner Spring candidly reminds us of God's calling to us as parents and encourages us to pursue that calling with our eyes fixed on the hope that is found in God's gracious promises to his people. Interspersed in the text are comme... (more)
More information on Instructing a Child's Heart
Tedd Tripp / Margy Tripp
From interaction with their peers to the instruction and correction that they receive at home, Children interpret their experience from a worldview that seeks to answer their fundamental questions: Who am I? What do I exist for? Where can I find joy? We need to provide our children with a consistent... (more)
More information on ain't Too proud To Beg: Exercises In Prayerful Theology
Telford Work
Karl Barth's legendary image of preaching with the Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other now has a matching image for praying. In Ain't Too Proud to Beg Telford Work encourages praying with a social documentary in one hand and the Lord's Prayer in the other. The result is neither a commen... (more)
More information on Living and Active: Scripture in the Economy of Salvation
Telford Work
The Christian Church is faced with new responsibilities and challenges in our postmodern culture. This ecumenical series, sponsored by the Christian Theological Research Fellowship, reaps the wisdom of Christian tradition and Scripture to propose fresh insights for today's church. Grounded in sound ... (more)