More information on Know Me, Hold Me, Sing to Me: What My Grandchild Taught Me About God
Kathleen O. Chesto
Explores the image of God as a grandparent, a personal God who loves us and delights in us without expectation and to a depth that we are unable to imagine. Will help readers discover the freedom and wisdom found in the relationship between a grandparent and young child and consider it as a model fo... (more)
More information on To Dance in the Desert
Kathleen Popa
Having witnessed the violent deaths of both her husband and father in one terrible day, Dara flees to the solitude of a secret house in a remote desert valley. But she's not alone, for a strange woman dances on the distant sands of the desert. Further, Dara's begun to hear a voice in the wind that... (more)
More information on Knowing God Intimately
Kathleen Richards / Clift Richards
Draw closer to the One who loves you passionately, knows you completely, and wants the best for you always. Reflecting your heavenly Father's desire to share an intimate relationship with you, this devotional guide introduces you to God in all his love and glory. Come and enter into fellowship with ... (more)
More information on Letters From the Heart of God
Kathleen Richards / Clift Richards
Ever wondered what it would be like to receive a personal letter from your heavenly Father about a topic that is important to you? You would read and reread His letter many times, remembering and treasuring His advice wherever you go. Letters from the Heart of God shares God’s wisdom from the Bi... (more)
More information on Bayou Fever
Kathleen Y'Barbo
Angeline Breaux loves the bayou--She also loves Jefferson Villare. Unfortunately, hes in love with a dream - of becoming a medical researcher. To make matters worse, Angelines father has arranged her marriage to another man - one who will keep Angeline in the bayou. Jefferson cant reconcile his desi... (more)
More information on Turning Points: The House Is Quiet, Now What?
Kathleen Y'Barbo
Throw open the door to your new life as a "home-alone" mom with this inspirational book filled with guidance, advice, and strategies for empty nesters.
More information on Cajun Hearts (Romancing America)
Kathleen Y'Barbo
Sit back and enjoy a peaceful Louisiana bayou town where three modern women come home to find heaping servings of love and renewed faith.
More information on Communicating God in Non-Book Ways (Top Tips)
Kathryn Copsey / Jean Elliott
Ancient stained glass windows, PowerPoint presentations, games, social networking, laughter, celebratory feasts - some non-book ways of meeting God are new for our time, some have been around for centuries. All of them ultimately lead to discovering the God we encounter in the Bible. God chose to... (more)
More information on Darkness Is My Only Companion
Kathryn Greene
Where is God in the suffering of a mentally ill person? What happens to the soul when the mind is ill? How are Christians to respond in the face of mental illness? In Darkness Is My Only Companion, Kathryn Greene-McCreight confronts these difficult questions raised by her own mental illness--bi-pola... (more)