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Ferguson, Ron
A war hereo and successful young minister in Edinburgh during the 1920s, George MacLeod shocked his many admirers by taking a post in Govan, a poor and depressed area of Glasgow, and moving inexorably towards socialism and pacifism during the depression years. It was during this time that he embarke... (more)
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Renee Taft Meloche
"Whether reading for themselves or being read to, children will love the captivating stories, language, and art of these unforgettable picture books. Families will want to collect the whole series! George Muller (1805-1898) opened an orphanage, trusting God to faithfully provide for the needs of tho... (more)
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A T Pierson
George Muller was living proof that God can be known intimately, that He is a faithful companion, and that prayer yields miraculous results. This classic biography tells of George Muller''s dependence on prayer and how his compassionate concern for orphans in Bristol, England shaped decades of missi... (more)
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Arthur T. Pierson
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Wubbels, Lance
More information on George Muller: Delighted In God
Roger Steer
George Muller's life is a powerful answer to modern scepticism. His name has become a by-word for faith throughout the world. In the early 1830's he embarked upon an extraordinary adventure. Disturbed by the faithlessness of the Church in general, he longed to have something to point to as '... (more)
More information on George Muller: Does Money Grow on Trees?
Catherine Mackenzie
The true story of George Muller and the hidden coins. What would you do if you needed some money? Would you pick some off a tree in the garden? Of course you wouldn't - because money doesn't grow on trees. You have to work for it. Sometimes you have to work hard. George Muller didn't like to wor... (more)
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John W Keddie
George Smeaton (1814-89) was one of Scotland’s foremost theologians in his day. Although his books, particularly those volumes on the doctrine of the atonement and the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, have been reprinted several times, little has been written about this man who was a divinity school cla... (more)