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Thomas Kinkade
Featuring the art of Thomas Kinkade, Grandfather's Memories to His Grandchild is a beautiful record book that will be treasured for generations. Helpful prompts and questions enable grandfathers to pass wisdom and family heritage on to their grandchildren. Themes range from childhood stories to advi... (more)
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Various Artists
No, the title of Kirk Franklin's 11th album is not a cover of the R.E.M…. standard. It is, however, a provocative appellation for a modern gospel recording. "Losing My Religion" is named for the spoken word intro to these 13 tracks. It's a rhyming, socio-political-spiritual manifesto, an admonition ... (more)
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Ted Dekker / Erin Healy
Pete Gilbert
An enthusiast for mission and an experienced evangelist himself, Pete Gilbert give practical help to individuals and groups on how to share Christianity with other people. Pete Gilbert is adamant that only when you have a close relationship with God and He has invited you to KISS Him that you can re... (more)
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Fitz-Gibbon, A
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Katie Davis
Jesus wrecked her life, shattered it to pieces, and put it back together making it more beautiful than it was before. Katie Davis tells her story of how she went from being an American teenager who 'had it all' to being a mum of 14 and living in Uganda.
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Bill Musk
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Hederman, Mark
More information on Kitchen Table Counseling: A Practical and Biblical Guide for Women He
Muriel Cook
Drawing on 50 years of experience as a lay counselor, Cook shares what she has learned in this vital resource that will prepare women for the fulfilling ministry of encouraging other women to know Christ and trust him through the difficult experiences of their lives.
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Bartha Hill
The land of the Kiwis is a fascinating country. Not only does New Zealand have one of the most unusual flightless birds (the Kiwi itself) it has many other claims to fame as well. If you thought it was the Wright brothers who first flew in an airplane – think again - the Kiwis reckon it was one o... (more)