More information on Faith, Love, And Patience
Susie Shellenberger
First and Second Thessalonians were written to a people bombarded with sensual images and pleasures from the world. Paul's advice to these people, so young in their faith, contained profound truth that is just as relevant today as it was back then. In a world that is attacking minds with the same se... (more)
More information on Faith, Power and Territory: A Handbook of British Islam
Patrick Sookhdeo
Islam is not only a faith but also seeks to be a political and territorial power. How is this being expressed in the UK? Will there be assimilation or separation? This book has been written to provide an easy-to-use resource to help readers understand Islam in Britain today, the way in which Islam i... (more)
More information on Faith, The
John A Hardon
More information on Faith: A Holy Walk
Oswald Chambers
More information on Faith: A Journey with God 2.3 (DFD 2.0 Series)
In book three of the DFD 2.0 series, you will examine: the various aspects of God's character details about Christ's life, death, and resurrection the relevance of the Holy Spirit to everyday life controversial aspects of the faith, such as the rapture and spiritual warfare
More information on Faith: A Practical Theological Reconstruction
F Gerrit Immink / Reinder Bruinsma
Addressing faith as it is lived, rather than as a system of doctrine, F. Gerrit Immink emphasizes that having faith means more than assenting to certain opinions about God; it involves a dynamic relationship, or dialogue, with God. As he investigates the practice of faith, Immink holds together the ... (more)
More information on Faithbook of Jesus
Renee Johnson
A one-year devotional, Faithbook of Jesus offers timeless insights into faith for those who desire to grow daily in their walk with God. Written for twentysomethings by a twentysomething, this book gives real encouragement while providing a direct connection to pop culture and online community. ... (more)
More information on Faitheism
Krish Kandiah
Over the past decade the Religion vs. Atheism debate has generated a lot more heat than light, with passionate advocates for both sides snarled up in antagonistic claim and counter-claim. Where does the truth lie? In fAiTHEISM Krish Kandiah asks us to take a long hard look at ourselves - and a more ... (more)
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More information on Faitheism: Why Christians and Atheists have more in common than you think
Krish Kandiah
Over the past decade the Religion vs. Atheism debate has generated a lot more heat than light. With passionate advocates on both sides, it is possible we have lost sight of the real people and problems behind the controversies and conflicts. Where does the truth lie? In FAITHEISM Krish Kandiah asks ... (more)