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Lois Rock
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Chris Hodges
We have real hope we’re called to share. But how we share it makes a difference. Christians today face a dilemma: in a world that seems to reject everything we believe, how do we walk closely with God without caving to pressure or alienating those we hope to reach? In this eye-opening new book, Chri... (more)
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Claudia Smith
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Elrose Hunter
Join the dots to see where Daniel and his friends were taken. Break the code to find out what the writing on the wall meant. Find the words to see what the king thought about God's power. Daniel – The Lion Tamer allows children to explore the story of Daniel and his friends in a completely ... (more)
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Daniel O'Donnell / Michael McDonagh / Eddie Rowley
Daniel O’Donnell is a musical phenomenon, with millions of dedicated fans on both sides of the atlantic. Following the tremendous success of both his autobiography and the illustrated My Pictures and Places comes the latest title from Ireland’s singing sensation. In this lavishly illustrated new boo... (more)
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Ingram, Doug
Daniel is an enigmatic book which falls readily into two halves. The first six chapters are well-known stories relating to events in Daniel’s life. The final six chapters contain apocalyptic visions with powerful imagery which Jesus himself frequently drew on. Historically set within the trauma of e... (more)
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Whitcomb, John
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Stephen R Miller