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Rowan Williams
‘As we contemplate the coming months, not knowing when we can breathe again, it’s worth thinking about how already the foundations have been laid for whatever new opportunities God has for us on the far side of this crisis.’ Rowan Williams offers these words of wisdom and many more in Candles in the... (more)
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David Adam
Each session draws meaning and inspiration from a special theme: the Patriarchs, our ancestors in the faith, such as Abraham and Moses, the Prophets, for example Elijah and Isaiah, John the Baptist, the Virgin Mary, the Shepherds and Wise Men: those whose faith shone out like candles in the dark, wh... (more)
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Eldergill, Jim
Davis brings cultural and historical colour to the task of interpretation and adds a pastor's heart for personal application. You will find a point of contact with the lives of Samuel Saul Jonathan and David as Davis answers the question 'What does God seek when he looks on the heart' Davis presents... (more)
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Jim Eldergill / Neil Innes
The Armed Forces live in a different world. It can be a closed life with enormous pressures - after all, how many careers ask you to lay your life on the line in order to achieve the organization's objectives? The Soldier's and Airmen's Scripture Readers Association (SASRA) was formed to help people... (more)
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Craig Bartholomew
Academic essays by leading scholars on the importance of canon in biblical interpretation. Canon has to do with the authoritative shape in which Scripture has been received by the Church, and which must be taken seriously if it is to be read aright by people of faith. This book focuses on the centr... (more)
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The dean of evangelical biblical scholars did a great service when he decided to get this work out of his system since he made a very successful attempt indeed to communicate the state of knowledge (Preface) on this tricky and sensitive subject. This book stands my Criterion: If I only have one book... (more)
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William J. Abraham / Jason E. Vickers / Natalie B. Van Kirk
The bold thesis of Canonical Theism is that the good and life-giving Holy Spirit has equipped the church not only with a canon of scripture but also with an abundant canonical heritage of materials, persons, and practices. However, much of the latter has been ignored or cast aside. The authors call ... (more)