More information on Single And Loving It! Living Life to the Fullest
Kate Mcveigh
Enjoying life and succeeding in the call of God as a single.
More information on Sharing Your Faith
Kate McVeigh
A seasoned minister and soul-winner shows how important it is for believers to share their faith and how easy it can be. Readers learn how to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit when talking about their faith and what they should say when asked questions about their heavenly Father.
More information on Refuel How to balance Work, Life, Faith and Church
Kate Middleton
Stress is a massive issue in our 21st century culture, and the Church is by no means exempt. There is some evidence that people involved with the church might be at particular risk of stress related illness and burn out. How do we get the balance right when there’s so much more than work and life to... (more)
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More information on Self Harm: The Path to Recovery
Kate Middleton
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Kate Patterson
What could be more important than knowing the Eternal God? In Living for Eternity, Kate Patterson explores what it means to be ‘eternally minded’ – living with a long view, keeping our eyes set on the eternal life we were made for – and how that reality has the power to transform our lives now. A pr... (more)
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More information on Praying as a School: Prayers for Assembly
Kate Thompson
Prayers for assembly. Suitable for use as an integral part of school assemblies and worship, as well as in the classroom within the general context of the RE curriculum, Praying as a School focuses on a wide variety of themes concerned with the world and humanity. The sensitively written prayers ... (more)
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Kate Toms / Claire Page
More information on Help Lord I'm Trying To Relate!
Katey Moreland
By studying both the positive and negative aspects of relationship in the book of Genesis, coupled with the teaching of Jesus, author Katey Moreland shows that it is God's will for us to succeed in our relationships, and that He has generously provided the means for us to do so. This book teaches th... (more)
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Kath Dredge
More information on Living 4 God
Kath Dredge
A concise book containing biographies of four heroes of the faith to inspire young Christians today. Read about William Tyndale who struggled to produce Bibles in our language so that the Word of God would be available to everyone, John Newton, best known as the writer of the hymn, Amazing Grace, Da... (more)