More information on Serenity: Stepping Out
Buzz Dixon
Serenity is warming up to the Christian kids who made her their "project" by showing her an unconditional love she's never experienced before. But when she tries ducking responsibility for wrecking Kimberly's car, that unconditional love turns tough. Can Serenity understand it's for her own good?
More information on Miracles Happen When Women Pray
Byerly, Bobbye
What happens when an ordinary woman surrenders her prayer life to the Holy Spirit's leading? The author shares her lifelong adventures with the Holy Spirit, showing how miracle-producing prayer is God's intended norm, not the exception, for praying women. The author's stories and teaching will build... (more)
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Byl, John
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Byrd, Sandra
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Byrd, Sandra
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Byrne, James
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Byrnes, Trish
More information on Roll Back the Stone: Death and Burial in the World of Jesus
Byron McCane
Directly relating to our understanding of the biblical and early Christian stories of Jesus' burial, this text includes a provocative interpretation of burial practices of the period 63 BCE to 135 CE, with particular emphasis on the time of Jesus. A strong connection to the recent discovery of the o... (more)