More information on Daniel (Focus on the Bible)
Robert Fyall
Frenetic scholarly activity has raged over differing interpretations of the book of Daniel. Many liberal scholars claim that it is full of fanciful accounts, some that the prophecies were written after the events occurred. Bob Fyall deals with such questions in his introduction before he goes on to ... (more)
More information on Daniel (Holman Old Testament Commentary #18)
Max Anders / Kenneth O Gangel
As the Holman New Testament Commentary came to completion in January, 2001, we were already hearing customers ask, "Where is the Old Testament Series?" Well, here is the first volume—Daniel by Kenneth O. Gangel. You have many types of commentary in your store but the Holman New Testament Commentary... (more)
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More information on Daniel And His Friends: Gruff And Saucy's Mini Book
Part of a great series of mini books; introduced by the Topz pets, Gruff the dog and Saucy the cat. Simple adaptations of favourite Bible stories illustrated in full-colour.