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Kate Coleman
For the first time in modern history, God is placing women in strategic positions of influence and leadership within the church, public, corporate,charity, and voluntary sectors, in unprecedented numbers.
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Kate Etue
Bits of wisdom, advice and must-have information every woman needs for life. With an ever-widening world and many seasons of influence, women need insight for the countless areas and ways they are called upon to be wise. The five fun sections of The Essential Five are Popular and Pursued, Classy an... (more)
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Kate Hayes
If you want to explore what it means to pray with purpose, growing in understanding of and intimacy with your God, this series of six Bible-based studies - which can be tackled in a small group or on your own - will take you on a rewarding journey. Do you find a prayer a welcome time of perso... (more)
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Kate Hayes
Six Bible-based studies learning from the disciples' experience of following Jesus. The people Jesus chose as his disciples were just ordinary people doing ordinary jobs - yet they were willing to put everything aside to follow Jesus. Their response to Jesus marked them out. A fresh up-to-date appro... (more)
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Kate Hayes
How can we share the good news with an apparently uninterested world? Delve deeper into John's portrayal of Jesus' mission, and discuss what it means for us to reach out to others in love today with the help of these interactive studies. Ideal for Lent, but can be used any time.
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kate Hayes
In the Bible, living wisely means living in line with God's desires for us. So how can we make wise decisions about life today? How does our commitment to live life God's way affect the way we communicate with others? In this guide we explore the journey to wisdom we can all make - learning how to l... (more)
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Kate Hayes
We all need others. Strong relationships with other believers are essential if we are to grow in Christian faith, but living in harmony is not always easy! It's reassuring to know that the early churches had their problems too! Kate Hayes leads us through the teaching of Paul in Philippians on how t... (more)
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Kate Hughes
Light for our Path, edited by Kate Hughes, is an ideal place to start exploring the Bible. The daily notes introduce you to some of the biblical books as a whole, but they also cover a variety of themes, showing how the Old and New Testaments read together can reveal the depth, richness and relevanc... (more)
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Kate Litchfield
"Tend My Flock" is a companion and guide for ordained and lay ministers seeking to live their pastoral ministry well, amid all the complexities and pressures of contemporary society. Much pastoral care is exercised with integrity and sensitivity and yet there are many potential hazards. "Tend My Flo... (more)
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Kate McVeigh
God's blessing of favor flowing in your life is not based upon your background, talents, abilities, or anything you have earned. It's God's promise to every believer from His Word, and all you have to do is receive it! In Blessing of Favor, anointed minister Kate McVeigh combines biblical truths wi... (more)