More information on Guidelines for Mystical Prayer
Ruth Burrows
Burns& Oates are proud to reissue Ruth Burrows' critically acclaimed work of spiritual theology, "Guidelines for Mystical Prayer". When first published in 1976, spiritual theology as reflection on spiritual experience was a growing trend; but at the same time there was a new interest in, and a retur... (more)
More information on Guidelines May - August
Guidelines is a unique Bible reading resource that offers four months of in-depth study written by leading scholars. Contributors are drawn from around the world, as well as the UK, and represent a stimulating and thought-provoking breadth of Christian tradition. Instead of the usual dated daily ... (more)
More information on Guilt-Free Journal, The
Jan Silvious
This Scripture/prayer-guided journal is a godsend to all who have started journals only to leave them on the shelf after two days. The title Guilt-free indicates that this journal is offered as an alternative to other more-structured journals that tend to evoke feelings of failure and frustration ev... (more)
More information on Guizhou The Precious Province
Paul Hathaway
This is the second of a series of up to 20 volumes focusing on the modern history of the church in China. The books will, for the most part, cover one province each, and will be organised by decades. Each history starts with the arrival of the first evangelical missionaries in a province, and conti... (more)
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Clive Anderson
The year is 1605 and England is in crisis as terrorists plot to blow up the King, Royal Family and Parliament in one gigantic explosion in Westminster! If the plot had succeeded, then England, Europe and the subsequent history of the world would have been very different, for there would have been no... (more)