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Welcome, Guardian! Grab your firebug lantern and join the quest for the lost story-treasures of Ancora. Find out more about who Jesus is, and how you can be a part of the greatest story ever told.
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Once, the Hall of Memory in the city of Ancora was filled with wonderful story-treasures, each a reminder of one of the great stories of the Saga (The Bible). Now, many of the those objects have been lost. Each day of the club, the task of the Guardians (the children at the club) will be to find a l... (more)
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Reuben Stone
An exciting novel set in south-west reflecting the influence of the arrival of Christianity to Wales during the Roman occupation whilst relating the adventures of a Celtic youth and a young Roman girl as they attempt to prevent the Romans from gaining the secret of the Dolaucothi gold vein and destr... (more)
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Tracy Harrast
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Jenen & Payne
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Andy Back
The latest volume in the very popular series of Children’s Ministry Guides looks at the important topic of Building a Team. Andy Back has drawn on a wealth of experience gathered over many years in youth and children’s work, serving on a variety of teams under a range of leaders, as well as being in... (more)
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Regalbuto, Robe
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Barney Coombs