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Ross, Hugh
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John Shaham
History on a rocket sled, Genesis to Jesus in One Hour is a sharply distilled snapshot of the dark, stark, and dramatic landscape of the world in the years that set the stage for the birth of Jesus Christ. Written for the busy Christian from a scholar's viewpoint and using the Old Testament as a tim... (more)
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Vos, Howard F
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Ros Woodman
The Bible Detectives, Harry, Jess and Click the mouse are on the case again, ready to investigate in the book of Genesis ... but they need your help! Are you ready? CASE: Investigating the book of Genesis What is the book of Genesis about? What does God have to say about creation and the... (more)
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Walter Brueggemann
Walter Brueggemann's work on 1 and 2 Samuel is a contribution to Interpretation, a set of full-length commentaries written specifically for those who interpret the Bible through teaching and preaching in the church.
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Jack Hayford
God’s promises for your life hold true yesterday, today, and forever. Through Genesis: Promises and Beginnings, you’ll learn that what was true "in the beginning" is true today. God has made a way for you and created a relationship for you to have with Him. This has always been His promise. Throu... (more)
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Goeser; Virtue;
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John D. Currid
Genesis is a book about beginnings — the creation of the universe, the formation of mankind, the establishment of the covenant and the founding of the people of Israel. Many Christians regard the Old Testament as merely a collection of interesting stories to be taught in Sunday school, but which hav... (more)
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Learning the books of the Bible and their location is a basic building block in familiarising children with God's Word. Once you know where these books are your ability and skills as far as discovering and communicating biblical truth are greatly increased. It is a skill that is best learnt at a you... (more)