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Ian White
More information on Faith That Breathes For Women
Michael Ross / Tiffany Ross
Nothing lifts a woman's spirit like a good friend who knows where she's coming from. Here's an encouraging six-week devotional shared by women who ""live their faith out loud."" Featuring the stories and wisdom of contemporary Christian artists like Point of Grace, Rebecca St. James, Nichole Nordema... (more)
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R Boyd-Macmillan
This book stands out as the most comprehensive and authoritative guide on the persecuted Church today. In the foreword Brother Andrew says, "Once you know the facts your heart will be moved. You will discover new spiritual truths that will transform your own faith and witness." This is a book that t... (more)
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Smith Wigglesworth
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Jill Briscoe
More information on Faith thinking: the Dynamics of Christian Theology
Trevor A Hart
Faith thinking is a fascinating exploration of the nature and role of theology in our postmodern intellectual context. Forging a path between the twin pitfalls of objectivism and relativism, Trevor Hart's essay clears ground for an understanding of theology as faith seeking understanding. Here is an... (more)
More information on Faith To Confess: 1689 Baptist Confession
This wonderful, slim volume is a modern translation of the [1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith], which contains the very heart of the Biblical Gospel, and is therefore a [faith to confess]. For those of you who don't read 17th Century English very well which is probably most of us! but would... (more)
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More information on Faith To Grow On, A
John MacArthur
"Now that you believe…" - this is the next step in a child's spiritual development after accepting Christ. John MacArthur helps kids understand basic elements of faith, such as: What should we do when we don't understand God? Is there a special way to pray? What if I tell someone about Jesus and not... (more)
More information on Faith To Live By
Derek Prince
Easy to read and based on the scriptures, this book is a resource for every Christian who wants to receive the promises of a faith-filled life. The dynamics, the promises, and the power of faith are all explored within these pages. Prince answers readers questions about faith, such as What is faith?... (more)