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Jerry White
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Exley; Galli; O
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In this study of Daniel, Pastor Rodney Stortz showcases the coming triumph of God's kingdom. Containing both triumphant stories of Godís provision and difficult prophetic images, the book of Daniel stirs readersí imagination and interest. Examples abound of Danielís unswerving dedication to the G... (more)
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H A Ironside
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Strauss, Lehman
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Young, E.J.
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Allan M Harman
The book of Daniel has inspired Christians throughout the centuries to faithful and obedient service in the face of danger and persecution. Daniel and his companions were living far from their own homes and land, in a culture that was dominated by a faith situation completely antagonistic to their o... (more)
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Daniel was thrown into a Lion's Den! Would he become a Lion's Lunch or did God have other plans? To find out about what was on the Lion's menu and if Daniel escaped or not - colour in this book and read the story. You can read about Daniel in the Bible in the book of Daniel. Pages: 16
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Philip R. Davies