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Ridley Hall
For several years, the students and staff of Ridley Hall, the Anglican theological college in Cambridge, have compiled a book of daily readings for the 48 days from Ash Wednesday to Easter Day. Sold directly to churches by former students now in ministry, it has been an important way of raising fund... (more)
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Jack Hayford
Kingdom Living is predominantly a study of the Book of Romans. The reader will begin to understand all that God has done for His children, all He is presently doing for them, and how faithful He is to His promises. This study is designed to meet the reader in a very real way; revealing God's provisi... (more)
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Snyder, Howard
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Russell Moore
In this scholarly work, Russell D. Moore relates the history leading up to the new "Kingdom" consensus among evangelicals from the time theologian Carl F. H. Henry called for it fifty years ago. He examines how this consensus offers a renewed theological foundation for evangelical engagement in the ... (more)
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Palmer, Donald
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Mike Endicott
A new exploration of a classic theme. The author leads us back to scripture to consider the immense significance for us of Jesus’ declaration that he is the Way, the Truth and the Life.