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David R Heim
Here is a book for all who have a healthy uncertainty about life's big questions--Where did I come from? Is there a God? Does this God care about me? The authors believe that the answers are found where Christianity began--with the introduction of God and His work in the book of Genesis. Using the S... (more)
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Whitcomb. John
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Osborne, Rick
"Genesis for Kids" demonstrates the balance and deliberate design in nature. Full of science experiments and home activities, the book explains how each experiment shows the power and order of God in creation. It also covers scientific facts about creation and how intricately made animals and insect... (more)
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Andy McIntosh
The relevance of the creation/evolution debate to today’s society. Professor McIntosh is a scientist who sees no contradiction between science and the events of creation in the book of Genesis. He believes that all Christian doctrine, directly or indirectly, has its basis in the literal events of th... (more)
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Andy McIntosh
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Brian Simmons
The Book of Genesis is God's autobiography and the foundation upon which all revelation rests. The purpose of this book is to give the origin of all things, including the cosmic order of the universe and the covenant relationship between God and his people. Speaking the Word from his eternal dwelli... (more)
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