More information on Danger in the Shadows (The O'Malley Series)
Dee Henderson
Sara is terrified. She's doing the one thing she cannot afford to do: fall in love with former pro-football player Adam Black, a man everyone knows. Sara's been hidden away in the witness protection program, her safety dependent on staying invisible--and loving Adam could get her killed! Introduci... (more)
More information on Danger On The Hill (Torchbearers)
C Mackenzie
"Run, run for your lives," a young boy screamed. The enemy was moments away but nobody took any notice. Again the young boy screamed as he flung himself into the stream and tried to pull himself out the other side, "Run, everybody, run. The soldiers are here." That day on the hill is the beginnin... (more)
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Watts, Murray
More information on Dangerous Double - Elizabeth Gail S
Stahl, Hilda
For more than two decades, Elizabeth Gail's adventures have fascinated young girls. Newly updated, this series is sure to be a favorite with today's generation as well. In this fourth book, Elizabeth Gail Dobbs comes face to face with her double when she visits her Grandma and Grandpa Johnson. What'... (more)
More information on Dangerous Duty of Delight, The: The Glorified God & the Satisfied Soul
John Piper
The glorified God and the satisfied soul.
More information on Dangerous Faith
James Lund / Peb Jackson
Meet the called: mountain climbers, deep-sea divers, fighter pilots, and jungle missionaries who follow God into the adventure of a lifetime. Dangerous Faith tells their dramatic true stories, revealing incredible truths only risk can inspire.
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Oliver Hunkin
More information on Dangerous Love - Mercy & Eaglefligh
Phillips; Micha
Mercy Randolph, at home in Sweetriver, Kansas, finds herself in the midst of danger moving as fast as a tornado. Meanwhile, Jeremiah must learn to deal with his new faith and his new love--while risking everything to save his nephew from enemies.
More information on Dangerous Wonder - The Adventure of Childlike Faith
Michael Yaconelli
JUMP FIRST. FEAR LATER . Remember the thrill of thinking you could fly? The adventure of going places in your imagination? The joy and abandon of running and jumping and playing hard-without worrying about what "might" happen? In Dangerous Wonder , Michael Yaconelli invites you to recapture the joy ... (more)