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Barry E Horner
Future Israel: Why Christian Anti-Judaism Must Be Challenged is volume three in the NEW AMERICAN COMMENTARY STUDIES IN BIBLE & THEOLOGY (NACSBT) series for pastors, advanced Bible students, and other deeply committed laypersons. Author Barry E. Horner writes to persuade readers concerning the d... (more)
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Viv Thomas
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J. Hoffmeier / A. Millard
The symposium was called in response to the growing skepticism toward biblical archaeology and the historical worth of the Bible's narratives. The US and Canadian scholars who attended believe that the field is not yet dead, and that there is a future for integrating archaeological materials with th... (more)
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David P Gushee
David Gushee argues convincingly that there is in U.S. politics an evangelical center of voters who do not identify with the politics and religion of either the right or the left. Although evangelical Christians are portrayed by the media as conservatives, Gushee claims that the evangelical movement... (more)
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Gavin Wakefield
Much has changed in ministry in the last 25 years since the Pastoral series began - some of it surprising, and some foreseeable. But what will ministry look like in 25 years' time? Four people with, between them, a wide range of experience and leadership in the church, offer provocative, thought... (more)
More information on Future War of the Church, The: How Can We Defeat Lawlessness
Chuck D Pierce / Rebecca W Sytsema
In 2001 Chuck Pierce and Rebecca Wagner Sytsema shared a vision from God, calling on the Church to reestablish His standard of righteousness. Urgent yet hopeful, this call was to arm ourselves for spiritual war against such enemies as moral decay, false religion, hopelessness, apathy and violence. N... (more)
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Rook, Russell / White, Aaron
This book is all about Jesus.nbsp;The words recorded in it were written about Jesus over 2000 years ago. Yet today his message of peace hope love and forgiveness still resonates with people of all races nationalities educational and economic backgrounds. Some like what he said while others disagree ... (more)